My Poetry: Driving Home (Again)

I’m excited to say that the annual print issue of Duality has released. In it, I have the below poem. Many thanks to Dale, the editor, for creating several great literary journals and giving this poem a home.

Driving Home (Again)

I'm routing and re

Fires in Orange County
reroute to (40), Bakersfield for the night to
watch my car through the hotel window. Then

(40 to 101) to San Francisco, but my
mother won't get out of the car: vagrants,
she says. Antifa. She wants to drive. She'd

reroute to (I5) with its wide-gash lanes, its
marker-fat line bleeding the map, but I
reroute (101 to 1),

trace the highway's script, its 
testimony of what comes to us and what
is draw away.

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