Past My Quarantine Window

  The black ribbon     cracked and cauterized     carries them like thirst     mouth to throat.   Hungry water     they trawl strollers     dogs     bags of to-go food     flimsy face masks   clutches of mail     toward     the    mouth.     They are […]

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So Far, I’m Shit at Pandemics

My neighbors behave as though nothing has changed and I suppose for them nothing much has, other than how much space they put between themselves and the low wrought iron fence that separates their yard from the sidewalk where virtually all of the people who live in the barrio stop to chat. Sally still wiggles […]

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Barrio Viejo Autumn

When you get up, the street lamps will still be lit. You will put on a jacket and socks (November to May) or not (May to November) and open your door quietly so the bell you hung there does not ring and wake the neighbors you imagine sleep as lightly as you do and who […]

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